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UNCOMMONERS - Portraits of Life in the New Forest

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A study of the New Forest unlike any other: a series of environmental portraits that shed light on the vibrant, idiosyncratic human ecosystem at the heart of one of the UK's most beloved National Parks. From extraordinary, intimate pictures of New Forest commoners engaged in ancient agricultural practices to spectacular shots of athletes, workers, hobbyists and artists among the area's diverse landscapes, UNCOMMONERS is an expansive homage to a place that leaves a mark on all those who visit it- and to the people who call it their home.


  • Hardback
  • 304 pages
  • 234 colour images
  • 306 x 253 mm
  • Edition of 500
  • Due to a delay in production the rest of the books will arrive in June.
  • ISBN 9781738528301

"The New Forest is a hell of a place... one part hell, nine parts the best of heaven we have left. Steve's photos are mostly of its angels and they are beautiful.

It's a brave person who plunges their lens into the New Forest cauldron to focus upon its cast of disparate but passionate players. Steve stays sharp and finds some harmony."

Chris Packham
TV Presenter, Naturalist and Author

All images copyright @ Steve Poole
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